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Crafted for the shed life, offering a solid spot for your bikes. Like the rugged terrains of the outback, it's steadfast and does one job brilliantly: holding your bike up, off the floor, and out of the way.

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One Stand to Rule Them All

Every hitch, every bike rack, this stand's got the grip for it. Specifically made for those 50x50mm hitches, it stands as the universal solution. So, your bike rack finds its perfect partner with the JB Shed Stand.

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Premium Aussie Grip

With Australian roots running deep, the JB Shed Stand is all about quick solutions for your storage needs. Structurally and Mechanically tested in the country of origin standards.

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Hitch Perfect

Tailored for that 50x50mm hitch - no bike rack left behind.

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Stand Firm

Robust design that holds your rack with unyielding resolve.

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No Floor, More Space

Elevate your bike storage, free up that shed ground.

Universal Fit

Every hitch, every rack, this stand's got its back.

Real Value

Necessities that don’t break the bank.



Three-Year Comprehensive Warranty from Date of Purchase.
This warranty covers any structural defects, malfunctions, and issues related to product quality. It does not cover damages resulting from misuse or intentional damage.



ISO Standard Steel




Height: 1.4M, Hitch Bar: 450mm, Width 1.7M


Any JB Bike Rack; Up to 6 Bikes

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